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I always reblog the loneliest whale. I wish they could hear you lovely girl. Your pitch is just out of their range. 
You talk and no one ever hears you. Not a sound. 
Maybe someday you will find a deaf whale that can’t hear anything and won’t know the difference. Then you can find some happiness. 
Good luck whale. I’m still rooting for you.

The whale is the only one known to produce “songs” at 52Hz. Although the sonic signature is that of a whale, the frequency is unique & no other whale answers back. You can listen to the song HERE (It is sped up to 520 Hz) The whale travels up and down the ocean singing in hope of meeting some friends. But in the end, its useless because it will probably never get a response…

A 50-day search for the lonely whale will start this Fall for a documentary.

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